As you get older

Unlike the western countries for these people there is no pension and peaceful retirement.

Premature aging

A good provider, husband and father, he passes on leaving behind hungry family.

Often men age prematurely by succumbing to illness, which also results in premature death.

That which can be easily treated today in other countries is all too often a death sentence for the elderly.

The result is: widows and orphans. Do they also must go the same way?

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Caring for the elderly


The oppression is so heavy that men lost all inspiration and the motivation to do anything about their sad situation. Living from hand to mouth and facing the unknown tomorrow is the current lifestyle of men in India.

Cyclones are frequent. Roads are flooded and are not maintained, it seems as if no man really cares, and yes it is men's responsibility.

Ownership is hard to come by because the upper Hindu class controls most land.

We have been working on one piece of land which needs to expand. It takes men of vision to see the great opportunity for philanthropy and investment.

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."

― Albert Pike

We are educating men to be different. We inspire them with literature (those who can read) in their local dialects.

An Indian professor commented on the text he was translating: "Every sentence is a message and every paragraph carries a wealth of information. Profound and insightful and of high intellectual quality."

If this writing is of a high intellectual quality, logic and wisdom; then what is the general intellectual quality? Nonetheless, it is our job to raise the general level of cognizance for as many as possible.

Understanding, absorbs knowledge, and practiced knowledge makes one wise.

Please join us in this noble endeavour.


The Caring Hand Foundation (Members corporation) was established in October 2005.

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