Official certificate of approved charity in India, without it is not allowed to do what we do.


Trash Kid


Perusing through trash looking for food.

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The founder, Ruben Angelakurthi spent his life establishing churches in many towns and villages. He had single-handedly planted those churches and they have grown ever since. The Apostle died at age of 60 leaving about 24 churches and a legacy no one was able to carry onward.

Ruben Angelakurthi exhausted himself. He paid the pastors' salaries from his own pocket. Being a professor at the university almost all of his earnings went to the support of those Christian communities; there was hardly enough for his own family.

His two sons, who are not preachers or teachers have prayed for more than 10 years that God would send them someone to carry on with the work, which their father left behind.

The House of Mercy was build by the World Vision organization under a ten-year contract.

After that time the contract was not renewed and the orphanage fell into disrepair. Due to lack of funds the orphanage "House of Mercy" and school was closed down and the orphans were left without proper care.

Currently our humanitarian work is carried out under the "Ruben Educational Society." In conjunction with "The Caring Hand e.V."

Our kids are being looked after by the very people Ruben Angelakurthi had reached.

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The Hindu upper cast class dictates the way of life in India. The poor have no chance of improving their lives.



Careless disposal of trash contributes to many illnesses. But this problem is solvable, and that's what we do.


The Caring Hand Foundation (Members corporation) was established in October 2005.

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