Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Nature & Life

It does not matter if one is pro nature or not, in a long run everyone will be for nature, but for some it will be too late.

Greed accelerates decay, and the planet we are the stewards of; will fall into disrepair, and that just a mild form of expression.

It will be disastrous for us all, for foliage absorbs Carbon-Dioxide and produces Oxygen, which we need to breathe each day.

Money alone won't fix it, but TLC (tender loving care) will.

Time is running out for us all.

Economic needs are growing so fast that the world can't keep up with?

Education only works when one joins a forum or a lecture, and then decides to hear with the resolve to act.

There are many organizations appealing for contributions, but none of them think beyond their own pocket, it is sad but true.

Beyond selfishness and public gimmicks. Beyond playing into public sentiments.

We appeal to corporations to join us in the noble cause of preserving what is still left.

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Sanitary Clean Environment

Dump tracks

Garbage recycling factories exist today. These great modern inventions only need to catch our imagination. Where there is will there is a way.

Dump tracks

A Waste to Energy Canada plant in Dargavel, Scotland. The technology heats waste in large chambers, then burns the gas emitted to create energy with minimum pollution.

By CHRISTOPHER F. SCHUETZE Published: May 21, 2013. The New York Times.


"Child welfare ought really to cover all sorts of topics, such as better water and sanitation and good roads, and clean streets and public parks and playgrounds."

Marjory Stoneman Douglas


The Caring Hand Foundation (Members corporation) was established in October 2005.

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Sponsor a brick or a stone of a shelter and then soon we will be able to gather the destitute, sick and hungry under the roof you have helped to build.

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