Environmental Workshops

At least once a year we conduct special educational workshops. People from surrounding villages and towns come to take part.

We teach sanitation, proper disposal of trash and recycling. We teach how to maintain a clean and healthy environment for parents and their children.

Currently, for lack of funds, we create primitive garbage disposal places, where trash can be burned and covered with earth.

Children Education

Due to the sudden passing away of the founder of our charity many kids were housed with different families. The orphanage and school was closed down and all funds stopped. That happened because of logistics. A ten-year contract was not renewed.

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Time & Growth

Nonetheless the needs have of orphans have increased and needs for new housing also. The original House of Mercy, under the Ruben Educational Society, fell into disrepair and classrooms were not reopened. The Caring Hand took upon itself the responsibility to not only repair the large house but also

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Goals & Targets

We are nearing a complete restoration of the Ruben Center in Andhra Pradesh region. We have fenced the place in and planted many trees. The house is being fully renovated and the muddy ground sprouted new grasses, which must be maintained.

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Expansion & Growth

The work of the Caring Hand expands and the grounds will have to be soon enlarged. The surrounding lands are for sale, but there is no buyer at the present. These fields have been used for mostly Tobacco. We are ready to buy these fields for a low housing project. The need is great with brainpower.

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Media & Presentations

For the younger generation, in the rural areas of Andhra Pradesh Region we are about to launch new media presentations. Visuals help people grasp the gravity of all pending problems, which they are not even aware of. Pictures draw people's attention much more than words.

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Most people carry cellphones but they do not communicate the right things. Our organization runs a tight schedule. We plan self-propelled gliders to beat the inadequate road infrastructure, the time and the distances. Our framed gliders can deliver supplies in no time, beating the poor road infrastructure.

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In rural India people thoughtlessly drop garbage and defecate beside the road. The stench is unbearable.

We build proper sanitations facilities for those who come under our roof, but there is more.

This must education spread. Soon we will be able to reach larger populations with the message of not only caring for their personal cleanliness, which is superbly quite visible, but also for the entire society.

Join us.

Thank you for caring.


The Caring Hand Foundation (Members corporation) was established in October 2005.

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